"Not One More Life" (NOML) Asthma Screening

The Mid-Michigan Asthma Coalition (MMAC) is partnering with North Westminster Presbyterian Church at 743 North MLK for a September 29 "Not One More Life" asthma screening and education event. The bi-annual event called "Not One More Life" (NOML) is an information and screening event designed to identify and assist individuals at risk for asthma, especially uncontrolled asthma that might be life-threatening. In Ingham County, our childhood asthma hospitalization rate is 36%—second highest in Michigan and double the state rate of 18%. NOML is a faith-based program developed by a pediatric pulmonologist named Leroy Graham. MMAC works with churches and other faith-based community organizations to host the event. The location varies in the Lansing area to serve different neighborhoods. Past events were held at the Cristo Rey community center and most recently at the Union Missionary Baptist Church in Lansing. The program targets diverse, urban areas to reach people at risk for life-threatening asthma.

Download the Asthma Fact Sheet (PDF) from the Ingham County Health Department.

The event includes presentations, screenings, snacks, prizes, displays and valuable one-on-one consultations with physicians and nurses who are certified asthma care specialists. It takes approximately one hour to visit all of the stations at the event. The event is promoted to the host congregation and the surrounding community, and provides information about limiting exposure to environmental triggers in home and outdoor environments, and best practices for preventing asthma attacks and managing this chronic condition.

Ingham County Health Department is a proud partner in the Mid-Michigan Asthma Coalition, along with other non-profit and public health and housing partners, local physicians, nurses, and pharmaceutical representatives. The national NOML founder, Dr. LeRoy Graham will be at this fall's event as well! More information about Dr. Graham and NOML is here:, and more about MMAC here:

For questions about the event and/or getting involved with MMAC, please contact Marti Gilmet at 517-285-4029/ or Jessica Yorko at 517-272-4144/

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