Housing Choice Voucher

Housing Choice Voucher

The Lansing Housing Commission's Housing Choice Voucher Program helps to make Housing Assistance Payments for qualified households. As a participant in the program, Voucher Holders, are able to have access to safe, affordable, housing in a neighborhood of their choice.

Our Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List is NOW CLOSED.  Please see the new's announcement below to check your status.

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Lansing Housing Commission

LHC Offices Are Closed

All Lansing Housing Commission (LHC) administrative and housing management offices are closed in compliance with Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. Essential management, maintenance staff remain at our agency-owned housing developments.

The LCH administrative office can be reached by phone (517)487-6550 voicemails are being checked.

Residents of LHC-owned developments should call the emergency on-call phone (517)763-5816 with any emergency maintenance needs.

Some answers to frequently asked questions are provided “here”. Updates will be provided as information becomes available.

The Lansing Housing Commission: What We Do

The Lansing Housing Commission (LHC) is a Public Housing Agency (PHA) that provides rental housing units and rental assistance to families. Our Mission states: The LHC will compassionately, deliver healthy, affordable, safe, quality housing options without discrimination with exceptional customer service while meeting high performance standards.” We manage 4 Asset Management Properties (AMPS)/Communities, including over two hundred scattered site single family units, 4 townhouse developments, and one high-rise building for a total of 834 units and administer over 1600 Housing Choice Vouchers.