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POSITION TITLE: Senior Maintenance Worker

SUPERSEDES: All Previous Position Description(s)

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 30, 2010

DIVISION(S): Asset Management

F.L.S.A.: Non-Exempt

GROUP: Non-Management


Perform a variety of skilled building trades and other skilled tasks including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, mechanical, appliance repair and other work that may be required to maintain Lansing Housing Commission properties. Prepare related records and reports.

II. Employment Qualifications

Education: High School graduation or equivalent. Post High School training in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other building trades areas.

Minimum Experience: Two years of hands on full time experience performing maintenance and repairs of apartment buildings, housing units, or similar structures performing electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, and mechanical repairs. A working knowledge of other building trades.

Other Requirements: Possession of a valid Michigan Driver’s license and must be insurable by the Commission’s insurance carrier at standard rates.

The qualifications listed below are intended to represent the minimum skills and experience levels associated with performing the duties and responsibilities contained in this job description. The qualifications should not be viewed as expressing absolute employment or promotional standards, but as general guidelines that should be considered along with other job-related selection or promotional criteria.


1. Perform plumbing repairs such as repairing leaks, unplugging lines, changing traps and valve diaphragms and making other repairs. Install or replace fixtures in sinks, toilets, drinking fountains, bathtubs and showers. Unclog pipes and sewers.

POSITION TITLE: Senior Maintenance Worker Effective Date 4/30/2010 Page 2 of 4

2. Repair or replace ballast, light switches, and changes receptacles. Diagnose other electrical problems and makes necessary repairs or refers work to licensed electricians as may be required.

3. Perform various carpentry tasks including building kitchen shelves, cabinets, and cupboards, hanging doors, and hanging and repairing drywall. Perform flooring repair or replacement including hardwood floors, floor tiles and sub floors if needed. Repair and replace broken windows and doors and completes other miscellaneous carpentry tasks.

4. Repair or replace appliances including gas valves and door seals on stoves and refrigerators, seals and fans on refrigerators and unclogging and repairing garbage disposals.

5. Clean, service, and repair furnaces and water heaters including replacing parts such as gas valves, pilot burners and blower motors.

6. Perform general cleaning of units in preparation for occupancy. Remove items, sweeps floors, removes and cleans plugs, switch covers and light globes. Change entry locks and ensure housing units are secure.

7. Perform a variety of other general repairs to Housing Commission properties and equipment. Assist other staff and outside contractors on assigned projects. May serve as a lead worker to less experienced staff on an assigned project.

8. Assist in loading and unloading trucks and delivering supplies to work sites.

9. Maintain a variety of records and reports including mileage records, work order records, and inventory control reports.

11.Provide primary and support on-call services as required to address emergency situations including gas leaks, no-heat, snow emergencies and broken windows and doors.

12.Operate a variety of vehicles and equipment including vans, pickups, nailers, skill saws and other power tools. Ensure the safe operation and storage of maintenance tools and equipment. Perform minor servicing on equipment as necessary.


None listed.

An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the above tasks. This description is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and levels of work difficulty that will be required of this position. It is not intended to limit or in any way to modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct and control the work of employees under his/her POSITION TITLE: Senior Maintenance Worker Effective Date 4/30/2010 Page 3 of 4

supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of similar kind of level or difficulty.

IV. DIRECT REPORT: Position reports to the Asset Manager.


Minimum Skills:

Proficiency is reading and writing a variety of instructional material associated with building repairs, maintenance and replacement of component parts

Proficiency in the use of power tools typical associated with housing repairs or renovation

Proficiency in the use of power tools typically used for repairing, maintaining a replacing a variety of components of rental housing properties

Physical Requirements:

This job requires the ability to perform the essential functions contained in this description. These include, but are not limited to, the following requirements. Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified applicants unable to fulfill one or more of these requirements:

Extensive standing and walking to perform maintenance and repair work.

Bending Squatting, stooping, kneeling to maintain and repair buildings and equipment.

Climbing ladders to paint or make repairs.

Ability to lift and carry supplies, parts and equipment weighing up to 100 lbs.

Ability to access all housing sites.

Ability to operate a variety of power equipment and tools required to perform assigned tasks.

Ability to enter and retrieve information from a computer.

Ability to lift, push and move furniture and equipment

* Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Working Conditions:

Required traveling to all locations.

Work outside in varying weather conditions.

Work in confined or cramped spaces to perform maintenance and repairs.

Exposure to equipment with risks of getting burned, bruised or scraped.

Contact with oil and petroleum products.

Exposure to gasses and fumes.

Exposure to solvents, boiler chemicals and various other chemicals.

Exposure to lead and possible exposure to asbestos.

Exposure to communicable diseases in the course of some maintenance assignments.

Exposure to rodents, pests, animals and unkempt living conditions.


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