If you are a vendor with The Lansing Housing Commission (LHC), we invite you to fill out the forms below, in anticipation of a business relationship. By filling out these forms, your company will be entered in the system that will disburse payments in accordance with all applicable documents, terms, and conditions. As soon as possible and to avoid delaying any further payments, please return all forms to our Central Office (address listed below).

All invoices should be submitted to the addresses listed below for payment. Please note, invoices should be mailed to the point of business:


Mt. Vernon Park
3338 North Waverly Road
Lansing, MI

Phone: (517) 321-6054

Hildebrandt Park
3122 North Turner Street
Lansing, MI 

Phone: (517) 372-7145

Laroy Froh Townhomes
2400 Reo Road
Lansing, MI 

Phone: (517) 393-4290

South Washington Park
3200 South Washington
Lansing, MI 48910

Phone: (517) 393-8464

Central Office
419 Cherry St.
Lansing, MI 48933

Phone: (517) 487-6550

Federal Tax ID # 38-2801459

LHC will disburse payment net 30 of the date of the invoice submitted for payment.

Primary Communities Served





Greater Lansing Area