HCV Participant Overview

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HCV Participant Overview

The family may terminate assistance for any violations of the Family Obligations See 24 CFR, Parts 982.551 The family must supply any information the PHA or HUD determines is necessary in the administration of the program, including submission of required evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status. “Information” includes any requested certification, release or other documentation.

HCV Participant Obligations

  • The family must supply all information needed to determine eligibility and proper rental assistance. This includes all household and income information.
  • The family must supply any information requested by the PHA or HUD for use in the initial certification, a regularly schedule reexamination or interim reexamination of family income and composition in accordance with HUD requirements.
  • The family must disclose and verify social security numbers.
  • The family must sign and submit consent forms for obtaining information.
  • All information supplied by the family must be true and complete.
  • The family is responsible for any Housing Quality Standards (“HQS”) violations caused by the family.
  • The family may not cause damage to the unit beyond normal wear and tear that may cause a unit to fail a Housing Quality Standards inspection.
  • The family must allow the PHA to inspect the dwelling unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice. The family must cooperate with all inspections. Families will be given proper notice to prepare for these inspections.
  • The family may not commit any serious or repeated lease violations.
  • The family must notify the PHA and the owner before the family moves out of the unit, or terminates the lease. The family may not vacate the unit without notifying LHC, and following the proper move out procedures.
  • The family must promptly give the PHA a copy of any eviction notice.
  • The family must use the assisted unit for residence by the family.
  • The unit must be the family’s only residence.
  • The composition of the assisted family residing in the unit must be approved by the PHA.
    • The family must promptly inform the PHA of the birth, adoption or court- awarded custody of a child.
    • The family must request PHA approval to add any other family member as an occupant of the unit.
  • No other person (i.e., nobody but members of the assisted family) may reside in the unit.

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