Tax Credit Apartments For Rent Lansing MI


1. Where can I apply for low-income public housing?
Wait lists are maintained at each community. Please select the community that you wish to apply to. If the wait list is open, click on the link to go to the wait list application.

2. How do I qualify for admission for low-income public housing?
When you fill out an application, your name will be placed on our waiting list. When you are selected for processing, the LHC will process the family members for eligibility and suitability. Eligibility looks at citizenship, income level, criminal history, and family size. Suitability looks at rental history, past debts, criminal history, cooperation, income and assets.

3. How long do I have to wait for housing?
There is no way to determine the length of time you may be on the waiting list. The availability of dwelling units is determined when someone vacates. If a property has ten (10) five bedroom dwellings and no one moves out – no one moves in. It is basic supply and demand.

4. How do I find out the status of my application, or where do I update my address, household income or size?
Please go to the community’s wait list application for information.

ADDRESS and CONTACT INFORMATION can be CHANGED by clicking the SEND E-MAIL button after logging into, after August 15, 2012.


1. Who should I contact regarding my rent or items in need of repair?
Please contact your Asset Manager.

2. Who do I call if I have an after hours emergency?
Please call 517-342-9757 for our after hours answering service. Our service technician will respond to emergencies listed below after 4:30 pm (Monday through Friday) and all day on Saturday, Sundays and Holidays. Example of emergencies are: gas leaks, no heat, toilet overflows, no working toilet, floods, power failures, door hardware malfunctions, no hot water.

3. How is my Rent Determined?
Your rental amount is determined by your income, assets, and allowances based on the requirements put forth by the U. S. Department of Housing and Redevelopment (HUD). Families have the choice of selecting an income based rent (generally 30% of the family’s monthly adjusted income) or a flat rent based on the number of bedrooms in the dwelling.

4. What is EIV and why do I have to provide so much information?
EIV or Enterprise Income Verification is HUD’s system that LHC uses to verify a family’s income, social security, and unemployment. HUD requires information to ensure that you are paying the current rent, not too much and not too little, that our housing is correct for family size and that you remain eligible to live in public housing.

5. Why are there so many inspections?
Public housing is subject to annual or more frequent HUD, City, and LHC Inspections to ensure the safety, livability and continued occupancy of dwelling units.

6. Why do I have to report changes in income and family size?
LHC wants you to pay the correct rent. You must report any changes in income to your community’s office within 14 days of the change. Failure to report changes timely may result in termination of your lease.

7. What if I have a complaint?
All complaints must be in writing, signed and dated (Please go to your management office for the form). The complaint will be reviewed, tested and appropriate action taken ranging from a letter up to a legal action.

8. How do I start the move out process?
You must go to your community’s office and complete a move out notice. Please have your move out date and forwarding address to complete the form.

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