Landlord Obligations

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General Information

Landlord participation is an important component to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Landlords help the Lansing Housing Commission achieve our mission of compassionately delivering healthy, affordable, safe, quality housing options without discrimination, with exceptional customer service while meeting high performance standards.

Helpful Hints

  1. The landlord should treat Housing Choice Voucher renters the same as non-subsidized renters.
  2. The Lease is between the landlord and the family; LHC is not a party to the Lease.
  3. The landlord should collect a security deposit that they deem appropriate.
  4. The landlord should always enforce the Lease for families that are non-compliant.
  5. The Landlords should provide copies of correspondences or documents with HCV participants to LHC.
  6. Evictions are performed by the landlord in accordance with state and local laws.
  7. The landlord should conduct periodic inspections of their units/properties to ensure it is properly maintained.
  8. Any issues of damages to a unit is between the landlord and the family.
  9. The landlord is also responsible for maintaining the unit in compliance with Housing Quality Standards (acceptable living condition).
  10. The landlord may charge their tenant(s) for tenant caused damages.
  11. The landlord must be current on their property taxes in order for a unit to be approved.
  12. In accordance with 24 CFR, §982.306, LHC may disapprove an owner and/or cancel the Housing Assistance Payment (“HAP”) Contract for the following:–(Link to 24 CFR, Parts 982.)
  13. The PHA must not approve an owner who is debarred, suspended, or subject to a limited denial of participation, if the PHA has been informed (by HUD or otherwise).

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